Design Creations Photo Gallery

Projects, products and stuff DC has created.

  • SDF-1 Macross

    from Tuesday 19 to Wednesday 20 March 2024

    3 photos

  • Nikki's Trekkie Wall

    from Tuesday 29 August 2023 to Tuesday 16 January 2024

    6 photos

  • Dr Who TARDIS

    from Monday 15 to Tuesday 16 January 2024

    4 photos

  • Star Wars Poseable AT-ST

    from Monday 1 to Monday 15 January 2024

    7 photos

  • Star Wars AT-AT (Print-in-Place Version)

    from Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 December 2023

    5 photos

  • Star Wars "A New Hope" Rebel Blockade Runner and Imperial Star Destroyer

    from Thursday 10 August to Friday 29 December 2023

    14 photos

  • Orc Bikers

    Wednesday 28 June 2023

    3 photos

    I just printed this gnarly little dude, but I'm torn of whether to paint him myself or send him as is along with some brushes and a starter kit of paints to my 7yo grandson. Hook him while he's young, ya know.

  • UNSC Pelican

    from Sunday 4 to Tuesday 6 September 2022

    21 photos

  • Star Wars AT-AT

    from Friday 13 to Friday 20 January 2023

    34 photos

  • Star Wars Clone Wars AT-TE

    Friday 16 June 2023

    4 photos

    The color choice was determined by what I had in abundance at the moment since stocks and funds are low this time of year. It was suggested that the purple was cool and might be dressed up with some black, khaki and grey camo. Nikki suggested some Tiger Stripes. I cut a few stencils on the Cricut but I am undecided on whether to stripe it or just leave it as is and add some detail coloring, a bit of weathering and maybe a few kill hashes. But, anyhow, I present you "Snuffy", The Tactical Snuffleupagus.

  • The Behemoth

    16 photos

    I give you: THE BEHEMOTH! Thank you Nikki for all the help and experimentation!

  • Galactica TOS (1978)

    from Sunday 29 January to Saturday 1 April 2023

    5 photos