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  • SciFi Hangar

    from Wednesday 19 October 2022 to Friday 17 February 2023

    11 photos

    A little something I'm working on while I wait for the rest of the fuel trailer parts to print for the Kenworth.

    I have to fine tune and weather the Loader. Base coat is on the Crane. Just need to reprint the boom and do the detail work.

    The rest of the pictures is the planned layout for the full print.

  • Kenworth

    from Wednesday 1 February to Saturday 4 March 2023

    50 photos

    I've been fueling my Grandson's "inner nerd" with the AT-At and Light Sabers and some planes. I think this time I'll go a little more "down to earth"

    "Breaker one-nine, this is Rubber Duck.
    You got a copy on me, Pigpen? C'mon."
    "Ah, ten-four, Pigpen, for sure, for sure."
    "Ten-four, Pigpen, it's clear to Flagtown." " C'mon."
    "That's a big ten-four, good buddy. We definitely got your front door."
    "Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got a convoy."
    It was the dark of moon on the sixth of June, In a Kenworth pullin' logs.

    I even got the "Duck" on the hood. ;-)

    Of course, now I have to find a Scammell hauling bricks. Hehe

  • Gong

    Tuesday 31 January 2023

    2 photos

    This is a design I had created a few years back for the VirtualWorld SecondLife. I printed it in PLA a year or so ago, but it had broke in one of the many moves and other happenings. I was never fully satisfied with the quality so I decided to try it in resin on the Saturn 2. The bottom of the base is a bit crappy, still looking for the "sweet spot" for large flat surfaces. The gong and the hammer definitely came out MUCH better than the FDM PLA print. I do have a full Zen Retreat and House I want to try printing too. I did print the retreat, one piece, very small, I would say close to N scale for trains. I'd like to go into my original files and break it up into a fully printable form.

  • Galactica TOS (1978)

    Sunday 29 January 2023

    4 photos

  • Star Wars AT-AT

    from Friday 13 to Friday 20 January 2023

    34 photos

  • UNSC Pelican

    from Sunday 4 to Tuesday 6 September 2022

    21 photos

  • C130J Hercules

    Monday 22 August 2022

    3 photos

  • F4U Corsair

    from Thursday 23 to Friday 24 June 2022

    5 photos

      A belated Father's Day present for Dad. Took a while to print.

    The Corsair is his favorite plane.

  • USS Sea Tiger

    from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 June 2022

    7 photos

  • USRN Seaview

    from Sunday 3 to Wednesday 13 April 2022

    3 photos

    The USRN Seaview from "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV series) - Wikipedia

  • Salvage and Recovery Vehicle

    from Monday 10 January 2022 to Saturday 21 January 2023

    19 photos

  • M1A2 Abrams

    1 photo