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  • Count Frogula

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    Ya heard of Count Chocola, I present, Count Frogula!

  • Gong

    Tuesday 31 January 2023

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    This is a design I had created a few years back for the VirtualWorld SecondLife. I printed it in PLA a year or so ago, but it had broke in one of the many moves and other happenings. I was never fully satisfied with the quality so I decided to try it in resin on the Saturn 2. The bottom of the base is a bit crappy, still looking for the "sweet spot" for large flat surfaces. The gong and the hammer definitely came out MUCH better than the FDM PLA print. I do have a full Zen Retreat and House I want to try printing too. I did print the retreat, one piece, very small, I would say close to N scale for trains. I'd like to go into my original files and break it up into a fully printable form.