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  • Jeeps

    from Thursday 23 March to Thursday 18 May 2023

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  • ARFF Truck

    11 photos

  • Kenworth

    from Wednesday 1 February to Saturday 4 March 2023

    50 photos

    I've been fueling my Grandson's "inner nerd" with the AT-At and Light Sabers and some planes. I think this time I'll go a little more "down to earth"

    "Breaker one-nine, this is Rubber Duck.
    You got a copy on me, Pigpen? C'mon."
    "Ah, ten-four, Pigpen, for sure, for sure."
    "Ten-four, Pigpen, it's clear to Flagtown." " C'mon."
    "That's a big ten-four, good buddy. We definitely got your front door."
    "Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got a convoy."
    It was the dark of moon on the sixth of June, In a Kenworth pullin' logs.

    I even got the "Duck" on the hood. ;-)

    Of course, now I have to find a Scammell hauling bricks. Hehe

  • Easy Print Front Loader and Excavator

    from Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 March 2023

    5 photos