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3D Printed Replica Firearms and other assorted weaponry.

  • 60mm Mortar

    Friday 14 October 2022

    1 photo

  • Fist Blade from Supernatural

    Wednesday 1 June 2022

    2 photos

  • Halo M7 Magnum

    from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 April 2022

    5 photos

    So, on the bench we have a Halo M7 Magnum. Ready to prime then paint either later tonight or tomorrow. On the printers we have a Silencer and Laser Sight for the Magnum. I'm thinking of a look like the last photo with a few variations. Though there was a vote from Nikki for a camo job. I MAY try the digital since it is a bigger print. Maybe use the Cricut Explore Air 2 and an 8x11 sheet of card stock to do the digital stencil. Maybe some black, and greys.

  • "The Colt" from Supernatural

    from Sunday 3 to Tuesday 12 April 2022

    9 photos

    The first two prints are a free one off of Thingiverse. Hence the low quality.

    The other prints are of one I purchased on Etsy for $15.

  • Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

    from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 February 2022

    4 photos

  • Custom Compact Suppressed M4

    from Friday 11 to Saturday 26 February 2022

    7 photos

  • Glock 17

    Saturday 9 October 2021

    1 photo

  • Walther PPK

    4 photos

  • Stielhandgrante

    2 photos

    Ya know, if you're going to have a PPK, Luger, MP40 and an MG42 you JUST GOTTA have a "Potato Masher"!!!

  • MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40)

    from Friday 14 to Monday 17 January 2022

    4 photos

    he MP40 is still chugging along. I had a few setbacks due to a loose extruder arm. I gotta upgrade that extruder to a dual gear one. AND I dropped the barrel a couple of times and broke it. After that the overall strength was shot! Printing a new one with more of an infill and more walls. Right now it is just a pile of parts on the workbench

  • MG42 (Maschinengewehr 42)

    from Wednesday 5 January to Wednesday 16 February 2022

    13 photos

    FINALLY started on the MG42. I printed the stock on the Elegoo Neptune 2D. With the dual extruders I was able to print the infill with cheap Amazon Basics white PLA and the outer skin with the more expensive (and running low) Wood Fill PLA. It took longer to print but the savings with the Wood PLA was great!!! Ant the fucker is solid! I'm going to give it to Nikki to put a nice stain on it. The Wood Fill PLA takes stains almost as good as real wood.