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3D Printed Replica Firearms and other assorted weaponry and Props.

  • Light Saber - with LED Light (!)

    from Thursday 27 June to Wednesday 17 July 2024

    5 photos

    I FINALLY got the chance to print one of these out. I'm going to call it version 1 since I forgot a few polygons when I did the color profile, and one of my spools ran out mid-print, resulting in a slightly different shade when the AMS switched to the other black. However, the effect still came out fairly decent despite these minor issues. A translucent or glow-in-the-dark version certainly would look really nice! The printing and assembly were VERY easy. I just needed to file the end cap slightly for easier laser insertion, and a bit of light sanding to remove brim leftovers from the blade. For those experiencing issues with blades sliding out when extended, a bit of Scotch tape on the base of the offending section can fix this issue. Using a layer-by-layer approach can achieve the desired result. This 'quick fix' has worked for other collapsible projects in the past. My only suggestion for improvement is replacing the twist-on/off mechanism with a push button. The twist-on/off doesn't work reliably for me. The files are on MakerWorld: This is the laser pack that I used:

  • STA-52 from Killzone

    from Sunday 16 to Wednesday 19 June 2024

    7 photos

    I found this one while browsing My Mini Factory. The file on MMF is a solid one piece demo, so I purchased the full version from the creator. The price was fairly reasonable too.

  • H&K MP5SD

    from Sunday 14 to Tuesday 16 January 2024

    2 photos

  • Logan's Run

    Sunday 14 January 2024

    1 photo

  • Visitor's Blaster (V 1984)

    from Saturday 16 December 2023 to Tuesday 16 January 2024

    2 photos

  • Space 1999

    3 photos

  • Star Trek - TOS Phaser

    3 photos

    Nikki's latest geek of the week project. ;-)

  • M72 LAW

    from Thursday 3 to Monday 7 August 2023

    5 photos

    I had began playing around with the files in Bambu Studio prepping the pieces for printing. I got distracted a few times and really didn't keep track of what I was doing, so when I went to print out the parts the first parts (end caps, sights) were scaled up to full size. The rockect was as the original size. Which in a way worked out. I was going to do a white rocket with black fins with a copper metallic top. Kind of my take on a "Copperhead Missle", lol. Unfortunately my copper filament was a bit old and brittle and casued a clog in my AMS unit. Hence the wrong size of the other parts. Once everything was sorted out, I grabbed what PLA filaments I had the most of, and set about to printing. I just purchased a Bambu Labs X1 Carbon from Matter Hackers and it came with a few spools of PLA. This was a great piece to test out their filament. The Rocket body is Matter Hackers Silver, Nose is Matter Hackers White, the Tip is just some Red Sil I had, most likely DO3D. The Main and Inner Tubes are Matter Hackers Black PLA. The rest of the components are Matter Hackers Silver. For the hinges I just used some filament and a soldering iron. With the soldering iron, I flattened the tip of the filament, slid it into the hinge, trimmed to legth and flattened the other side. Just short, light taps with the soldering iron is all it takes to "button top" the filament. All of the supports were done in the respective PLA colors but I had the advantage and PLEASURE of being able to use a sample spool of the Bambu Labs PLA Support Filament! OH WOW! What a difference in post processing this made. Even the parts where the supports were "tough" they came away with not much fuss. I would say at LEAST 95% to 98% of the supports just pulled away like skin from a Thanksgiving Turkey! Very little blood and sweat on my part! This print is a "non-firing" purely wall candy model. I have to admit, I was a bit confused on how everything was to be assembled. But now that I have a better understanding on how the Rob, Tubes and Sights work I may do a full scale sized print with proper screws and springs.

  • 60mm Mortar

    Friday 14 October 2022

    1 photo

  • First Blade from Supernatural

    Wednesday 1 June 2022

    2 photos

  • Halo M7 Magnum

    from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 April 2022

    5 photos

    So, on the bench we have a Halo M7 Magnum. Ready to prime then paint either later tonight or tomorrow. On the printers we have a Silencer and Laser Sight for the Magnum. I'm thinking of a look like the last photo with a few variations. Though there was a vote from Nikki for a camo job. I MAY try the digital since it is a bigger print. Maybe use the Cricut Explore Air 2 and an 8x11 sheet of card stock to do the digital stencil. Maybe some black, and greys.

  • "The Colt" from Supernatural

    from Sunday 3 to Tuesday 12 April 2022

    9 photos

    The first two prints are a free one off of Thingiverse. Hence the low quality.

    The other prints are of one I purchased on Etsy for $15.