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FINALLY started on the MG42. I printed the stock on the Elegoo Neptune 2D. With the dual extruders I was able to print the infill with cheap Amazon Basics white PLA and the outer skin with the more expensive (and running low) Wood Fill PLA. It took longer to print but the savings with the Wood PLA was great!!! Ant the fucker is solid! I'm going to give it to Nikki to put a nice stain on it. The Wood Fill PLA takes stains almost as good as real wood.
  • MG42MG42
  • MG42 BarrelMG42 Barrel
  • MG42 Barrel ShroudMG42 Barrel Shroud
  • MG42 CoverMG42 Cover
  • MG42 Dry Fit 1MG42 Dry Fit 1
  • MG42 Dry Fit 2MG42 Dry Fit 2
  • MG42 PaintedMG42 Painted
  • MG42 ReceiverMG42 Receiver
  • MG42 Shroud n CoverMG42 Shroud n Cover
  • MG42 Stock 1MG42 Stock 1
  • MG42 Stock 2MG42 Stock 2
  • MG42 On DisplayMG42 On Display
  • MG42 DoneMG42 Done