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So, on the bench we have a Halo M7 Magnum. Ready to prime then paint either later tonight or tomorrow. On the printers we have a Silencer and Laser Sight for the Magnum. I'm thinking of a look like the last photo with a few variations. Though there was a vote from Nikki for a camo job. I MAY try the digital since it is a bigger print. Maybe use the Cricut Explore Air 2 and an 8x11 sheet of card stock to do the digital stencil. Maybe some black, and greys.

  • Halo MagnumHalo Magnum
  • Halo Magnum Laser SightHalo Magnum Laser Sight
  • Halo Magnum SilencerHalo Magnum Silencer
  • vitaly-senotov-screenshot023vitaly-senotov-screenshot023
  • Halo Magnum Gun MetalHalo Magnum Gun Metal