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Got my P90 put together, painted and mounted. The question now is whether to leave it as is or give it a camo job. I know I did say I was going to do a digital, but I am feeling lazy and will most likely do a free hand camo. Possibly with Green and Grey. If I can get a hold of some mesh netting I may give that a try for a snake skin kinda look.
  • FN Five-seveN MountedFN Five-seveN Mounted
  • FN P90 BodyFN P90 Body
  • P90 AssembledP90 Assembled
  • P90 CamoP90 Camo
  • P90 closerP90 closer
  • P90 Coming AlongP90 Coming Along
  • P90 DoneP90 Done
  • P90 FinishedP90 Finished
  • P90 First CoatP90 First Coat
  • P90 MountedP90 Mounted
  • P90 UpperP90 Upper