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This is the Mako Tank from the game Mass Effect. I've never played it myself and just found the files on Thingiverse ( I figured it would be a cool one to make. Now I had to scale it DOWN to 50% size to fit on the Prusa Mini. The original files were made for a 1/6th scale RC. So it IS quite a large build at full sca;le.
  • RC Mako Pile-o-partsRC Mako Pile-o-parts
  • RC Mako Pile-o-partsRC Mako Pile-o-parts
  • RC Mako Exploded Assembly ViewRC Mako Exploded Assembly View
  • RC Mako Pile-o-partsRC Mako Pile-o-parts
  • MAKO Missing 2MAKO Missing 2
  • MAKO Missing 1MAKO Missing 1
  • PXL 20230812 012800915.MPPXL 20230812 012800915.MP
  • PXL 20230812 012751371.MPPXL 20230812 012751371.MP
  • PXL 20230812 012814337.MPPXL 20230812 012814337.MP
  • PXL 20240115 172653518PXL 20240115 172653518
  • PXL 20240115 172657301PXL 20240115 172657301
  • PXL 20240115 172701178PXL 20240115 172701178