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A Design I found on Thingiverse: With just a few modifications. I combined two of the sides to give me a "double stack" piece. With the center ones I just quickly used a drill press to drill through the vertical holes to allow a full length dowel to go through for additional rigidity. The upright dowels were cut to 7 and 3/4". That just happened to be the length of a piece i had handy that still gave me clearance to add/remove a spool. With wood being so expensive these days (each 4 foot dowel was $3.67 USD each!) every bit of scrap used helps. The whole thing is just held together with hot-glue, weight of the spools, luck and some spit. ;-) I chose wood over ECT since it was handy, easy to cut with out having to get a conduit cutter or burning through more cutting disks on the Dremel or whacking away at it with a hack-saw. I'm getting too old for that these days, lol. I plan on adding some roller casters to the bottom, either with a simple flat wood piece or continuing the design with a couple more modified brackets. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in. With the wheels I can move the rack(s) around the shop where I need them and keep them out of the way. AND, less holes in the walls and more wall space for displaying prints! My filament stocks are getting low, I had JUST enough room to fit my spools with the expception of the four currently in the Bambu AMS. Gotta get more, replenish the mostly empty spools and of course, build another rack! Unfortunately, this is about a $65 to $70 project with the freaking price of wood these days. Considering 5 feet of 3/4" metal conduit that the original design called for is $7 a pop. The other option and most likely the cheapest would be 3/4" PVC at around $5 for 10 feet. You could get away with 8 of them, cut 'em in half. You'd get a slightly bigger rack too.
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